What To Include in Your Company Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Company Christmas cards are undoubtedly one of the most popular pastimes associated with the holiday season. For business owners, holiday cards are a perfect opportunity to touch base with their customers before the year comes to a close. Naturally, it can also be challenging to figure out exactly what to write. Use this guide to learn a bit more about what to include in your cards and discover how to craft a message that will capture the essence of this magical time.  

A Message of Thanks

Right away, your card should be centered around a theme of gratitude. This season is your chance to give back to all those who have helped you over the course of the previous year. Since your customers are responsible for your financial success, you want to include words that showcase just how grateful you are. You don’t need to push this point hard, either. Usually, a simple word of appreciation is enough to give the introduction the thankful tone you are trying to achieve. 

An Overview of the Year

The message of your company Christmas cards PAckaging doesn’t need to be long. Still, there are a handful of points you may wish to include. For some business owners, a holiday card presents the chance to mention some highlights from the year. If you’ve seen some impressive gains or have grown your brand in any capacity, bringing this up in your message can be a nice way to share in your accomplishments. This is a time of reflection and many people enjoy the inspiration that well-written holiday messages can bring.

A Glimpse of Tomorrow

In “A Christmas Carol,” famed grouch Ebenezer Scrooge was visited by three ghosts of the holiday. The spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet-To-Be all exist to teach the miser about his wayward ways. As Scrooge glimpsed different moments of his life, so can your business bring up both the past and the future. Including information about your plans for the new year can get customers excited for all that you have up your sleeve. Those who have been loyal to your brand for many years will especially enjoy seeing your journey reach a new leg.

A Bit of Frivolity 

Your card’s message doesn’t need to be bogged down in sentimentality or business talk, either. There are plenty of people who prefer keeping the message light and joyful. Whether you want to include a joke or some silly anecdotes, the decision to err on the side of frivolity can make your overall message much more engaging. Whether you opt for a serious or jokey message, you’ll find it is best to find a tone that complements the general feel of your brand.

The holiday season provides business owners with the perfect chance to give back to the community and connect with customers. Take a moment to look at the options available at Cards for Causes in order to find company Christmas cards that perfectly reflect your brand’s identity. As long as you dedicate a bit of effort to the process of writing an appropriate message for your cards, you should have no trouble crafting one that checks all of your boxes.

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Author: Sarah Sadie