Types of Hair Clips for Thick Hairs

Hair Clips for Thick Hairs

Hair clips are used to hold the hairs in place. If anyone has long and thick hair it will be very difficult for them to hold it. Mostly two types of materials are used in making these clips, which are metal and plastic. They are decorated with some pieces of fabric which makes them more attractive. You can use hair clips for thick hair. They come in different types, shape color, and sizes. Each one of them has a different use. 

Hair clips were invented a long time ago. Even the cave dwellers used crude hairpins which were made from sticks, bones, and stone. Now in modern times, these clips come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. They are made more attractive and fancy. Now they are not only used to keep the hair in place but also as fashion. There are different clips according to a different type of hair. You can choose one according to your taste. Here are some popular hair clips that are used by women and children to hold their hair. 

Snap clips

The most popular type of clip that is used by everyone is snap clips, especially for children. They are the most durable ones because they can hold a lot of hair easily; this is why they are the most used hair clips. These clips are made from a single piece of metal, hair is kept in between the clip and then two ends are pushed down back and then the middle clip holds the hair 

Claw clip

These clips are very popular; their shape is just like a butterfly. At first, these clips were big in size but with the passage of time, they were made small because they drew a lot of attention. Their shape is like two combs that are attached with a strong spring. That spring allows you to open the mouth of the clip when you push it and it is closed after it is released. 

Alligator clips 

These clips are great for holding your extra hair. They are mostly used in cutting shops. It can easily be placed on your head because one-half of the clip is flat. It is easy to find different shapes and colors in alligator pins. A large bow can be attached to these clips to make them even fancier. 

Classic hinged barrettes 

These clips are not as popular as they used to be but they are great for styling a child’s hair. These are easily available in different fun colors. They are completely made from plastic. These clips have teeth in them but they are not ideal to hold the hair in place. If a kid is playing hairs can slip through. 

Hair clips for thick hair

If you are finding a clip that is reliable to hold thick hair (i like a long hair thick red bone) you can use hair clips that are big or have teeth in them. Metal clips are the best option because they are more durable than plastic clips. Your hair will not slip through these clips. 

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Author: Sarah Sadie