Know About Different Types of Physicians


In any medical setup, there are different types of physicians with different job profiles. They practice different types of medicine to gain experience and knowledge. Some physicians may be experts at dealing with patients while others are trained to perform surgeries. While visiting a hospital, you may come across different kinds of people carrying out different jobs. So, what exactly do these physicians do, and what jobs do they perform specifically. Let’s find out!

Primary Care Physicians

If you’re looking for permanent GP jobs in Sydney, you may be interested to know more about primary care physicians. A primary care physician acts as a single point of contact or the first contact. They may have specialised in internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. They undertake patient care based on signs and symptoms, along with checking a patient’s clinical history. They are expected to treat patients with different health concerns and make out the specific health issue that a patient is dealing with.

A primary care physician may be responsible for health promotion, counselling, patient education, disease prevention, and health maintenance. Apart from these job duties and responsibilities, they may diagnose a patient for chronic disease or undertake health provisions in a variety of settings, including inpatient and outpatient settings. 

Family Physicians

A family physician is a qualified doctor who treats all members of a family, including babies, children, adults, and senior members. They can guide their patients concerning health services, consultants, and community resources along with being responsible for their health maintenance and tracking their medical conditions. 

Talking about the work profile of a family physician, he or she can treat skin infections, diabetes, and hypertension. Their job role may also involve suture removal and perform minor outpatient medical procedures. 

General Physicians (GPs)

A general physician or general practitioner works in both inpatient and outpatient settings. It means they extend their service in the hospital as well outside, in case of an emergency. Some general practitioners or general internists specialise in treating patients in the hospital premises only. They are also known as hospitalists. After obtaining their medical degree, they work under the supervision of an experienced physician to gain knowledge and experience.

A general physician is an expert at diagnosing common medical conditions, such as hypertension, headache, diabetes, etc. Many medical recruitment agencies that recruit for GP jobs in Australia consider various aspects while hiring a candidate. A general practitioner should be good at communicating with patients and coordinating with different departments to ease a patient’s onboarding process. So, if you’re looking for locum and GP jobs in Sydney, you should do thorough research to clear the selection process.


A pediatrician can be a primary care physician as well. He or she undertakes the mental, physical, and social health concerns of children and can treat them until 18 years of age. Their job profile includes treating chronic and acute diseases and providing preventive measures, including health counselling.

These are different types of physicians in a medical facility. Besides this, other physicians are termed as psychiatrists and surgeons. They complete their training and education to hold these prestigious titles. 

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Author: Sarah Sadie