Fruits that Will Keep You More Active


Some fruits have an effect on you which can keep you more effective and will not make you lazy through the day. Some fruits can be too heavy and will instantly want you to grab a goodnight’s sleep, however the ones that keep you active are the ones you should pay attention to more. After all, one’s day should be productive!

Star Fruit

Starfruit is exotic and it is yummy, which is a great combination but even better it keeps you very active and happening throughout the day. Star Fruit will give you a feeling of completeness easily and of fullness, so you do not eat a lot. This ensures that you do not overeat and sleep during the day, in fact keep on being productive throughout.

Sharon Fruit

Sharon Fruit likes to be the attention seeker, and it is! It makes your metabolism faster, which keeps you active and walking around. It does not make you sit and be a couch potato. A couch potato can gain faster, and also get lesser things done.

Custard Apple

Custard Apple can be one of the best fruits from the list because it is so light and so handy that you can simply eat it on the way to work with some coffee and you will be saving maximum time. It is always easy to eat something on the way to work that makes less of a mess.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear makes you feel less heavy and therefore you can run errands with much peace and much better energy. There can always be an exception to your normal everyday apple and you can take this fruit to your daily walk in the park.


Apples will keep you extremely active and will provide a great experience of self worth because it will keep you that productive through the day. Apple has zinc which will also make you look really good, while you are running those errands.


Oranges are a great source of Vitamin C and also a great source of energy that will ensure that you are at your best all day.


Guavas will give you a justified sugar rush that will ensure that you do not gain weight and also remain active.

Staying active is very essential. These days there are high chances of you being the target of all kinds of diseases and illnesses. Let us not forget, heart issues are caused by not being active enough at times. Your body feeds on some activity, in case you are about to be ready to be a couch potato right now, try some of these fruits and become the active person that you aspire to be. Some fruits are very heavy on your stomach, for example, mangoes, that do not let you sleep. Coffee is the more unhealthy option, while these fruits are the better options that you need to have in your life. Good luck to being a fitter you!

Author: Sarah Sadie