With 2Under Golf, You Should Never Pay an Over-Inflated Price for Golf Gloves Again

Golf Gloves

Are you paying too much for premium golfing gloves produced by large corporations that only really care about lining their own pockets? 2Under Golf is a golf brand that was created by golfers for golfers, and aims to provide you with an alternative. The brand is currently funding high-quality, inexpensive gloves on Kickstarter. 2Under’s Cabretta leather golf gloves will be expertly made utilising the best materials minus the inflated prices associated with other gloves that are of a similar quality.

The gloves will also be delivered directly to your door, providing the utmost convenience. Each sale of them helps to support amateur and professional junior golfers by way of the firm’s glove sponsorship program. You can check them out at 2Under’s Kickstarter here:


Author: Sarah Sadie