What should I keep in my first aid kit

In this modern era, technological advancement is seen very prominently around us. There is advancement in every sector from tourism, governance, lifestyle and even medically. These days, medical equipment can be brought with us and is available within our grasp. From AED devices up to emergency medical first aid kits. A complete first aid kit plays a very vital role today in reducing the mortality rate. This is because, with a complete kit, all the necessary equipment and drugs needed will be readily available at times of crisis. The question is, what can we keep or what can we expect to see inside a complete first aid kit.

Firstly, gauzes. Gauzes are very important and play a vital role in first aid due to its ability to clean wounds, stop bleeding, compressions and many more. It is important to have sufficient gauzes inside the first aid kits. Sterile gauze is also equally important to clean open wounds. In this way, the wounds will not be further infected by bacterias and foreign pathogens. Eye pads are needed too to treat eye wounds, for example during an accident. Having an eye pad ready can help increase the recovery rate of the patient. Cotton balls and bandages are also equally important and it is vital to have it inside the first aid kit.

Secondly, OTC medications ( over the counter ) such as medical alcohol, ammonia, antipyretics, aspirins, etc. These medications are important as it can help stabilize the patient before the doctor is able to view the patient. Antiseptic creams should also be present to help clean and preserve the open wounds/burns of the patient.

Thirdly, gloves. Gloves are important as they help prevent contaminated fluids from being transmitted to us. It also helps us reduce the rate of transmission of bacteria to the affected patient and vice versa. Gloves can also reduce the risk of transmission of blood infected diseases such as HIV. Gloves should also not be reused and should be replaced after using.

Cold packs are also important to help reduce infl ammation of the patient due severe laceration, bruises, bleeding, etc. Cold packs help by reducing the flow of blood and constrict the vessels around the area under the influence of the cold pack. This can help reduce the amount of bleeding and reduce the amount of reaction that is happening to the affected area.

Besides that, splints are useful in situations where immobilizations are needed. For example, a fractured bone. When a bone is fractured, it is difficult and almost impossible to move around or even walk. Thus, applying splint will help immobilize the affected limb till it gets to the hospital for further treatment. Safety pins should also be present in the first aid kit to fasten the applied splints.

Other medical items such as syringes, thermometer, scissors, CPR instruction booklet, first aid booklet should also be present inside the first aid kit. Civilians who are from medical background will know what to do but civilians who are not trained for first aid assistance will find it difficult as to the procedures in helping the patient.

These are some of the necessary items needed to be inside the first aid kits. Without these items, it will be hard to provide emergency treatment to patients and lower their chance of recovery. Full complete first aid kits are available for purchase online at DoctorOnCall website. You can purchase these kits and it will be delivered to the comfort of your home with just a click of a button. Remember, early treatment increases the chances of recovery of people and even your loved ones.

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Author: Sarah Sadie