What is a Start and Stop Battery?

In accordance with the requirements of the national environmental protection policy, automatic start-stop technology has appeared to reduce emissions. All German vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi are equipped with start-stop technology and use AGM batteries, while Japanese vehicles such as Mazda and Toyota are equipped with automatic start-stop all use EFB start-stop batteries.

AGM batteries are mainly assembled on European brand cars, while EFB batteries are mainly assembled on Japanese brand cars. Each of them has its own strengths to use. Many battery friends will consult. Is it possible to replace cars without a start-stop function with conventional batteries? Most of those who are interested in such problems are faced with high-end cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi. Take Mercedes-Benz as an example. Many Mercedes-Benz S series vehicles do not have a start-stop function. Can regular batteries be used instead? The answer is no.”

What is the start-stop system?

The start-stop system means that the engine starts and stops automatically when the vehicle is temporarily stopped (for example, waiting for a red traffic light) while the vehicle is moving. When you need to move on, the system automatically restarts a set of engine systems.

Why use AGM and EFB to start and stop the battery?

Because when starting the engine, due to the need for ignition and the need to supply power to the starter, the on-board battery must be able to work with a strong discharge current; since the start-stop system often restarts the engine, the battery can withstand frequent high-current discharges; when the hybrid system provides power to the wheels The battery must provide energy support; it can meet the needs of electrical equipment such as car audio and lighting; when the on-board charger charges the battery, the battery must have a high charging capacity; AGM/EFB battery can meet the needs of start-stop function.

With the widespread use of start-stop technology, it is especially important to know how to use vehicles and batteries with start-stop functions.

How to identify the original car battery (Note: mainly for cars equipped with AGM/FEB batteries)

1. Japanese cars

Most of the batteries used in Japanese start-stop vehicles are Yuasa EFB start-stop batteries.

2. European cars

European car brands most often use AGM batteries, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, MG and other models, many of which are supplied by Exide and the German MOLL.

Let’s dwell on whether the original cars are equipped with AGM batteries. We use Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles. A rich fluid battery and a lean fluid VRLA/AGM valve control battery are compared.

A. Mercedes-Benz original battery, normally flooded battery is 100A, the starting current is 760A, and the starting current of 95A VRLA / AGM valve control battery is 850. (Note: Mercedes-Benz original liquid battery does not have 95A, so use 100A. for comparison)

B. Original BMW battery, the 90A normal flooded battery’s starting current is 720A, and the 90A VRLA/AGM valve control battery’s starting current is 900.

Identification Method T

he easiest way to identify the AGM (Glass Fiber Absorption Board) or VRLA (Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery), the label says it’s an AGM battery. AGM battery markings vary between original vehicle manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Some original car batteries are labeled AGM and some are labeled VRLA.

Author: Sarah Sadie