What Is a Garden Office?

Garden Office

A garden office, sometimes known as a fancy shed, is a high-end structure. Normally located in the rear yard, away from the main house’s distractions. They provide a welcoming, safe, and professional environment that is ideal for a variety of jobs.

A garden office can connect with the world

You can connect to any place in the world from the bottom of your garden thanks to current communication equipment. Many garden office employees may now avoid the daily drive-by by working from home, if not full-time, at least a few days a week.

Many small firms are managed from modern garden office buildings, which are not just suited for remote office employees. A garden office offers numerous advantages as a small company location since it can frequently be deducted from tax, and if you are VAT registered, you may be able to recover the VAT on the purchase price – talk to your accountant for further information on the tax and VAT advantages.

You’re not limited to one room

Extra rooms, kitchen, toilet, and shower room amenities are becoming increasingly popular in garden office design, resulting in totally self-contained apartments. This not only expands the alternatives for a developing business by providing space to expand, but it also means that if you employ personnel, they won’t have to use your home’s amenities. This establishes a clear separation between work and personal area.

Chiropractors, dentists, and beauty therapists may all use garden office space because of the flexibility with extra rooms and amenities like bathrooms. You might simply set up a professional clinic setting in the yard with distinct waiting and treatment areas.

Designed for year-round use

Some customers believe that a garden office, similar to a summerhouse, is only used during the summer months, but this is not the case because garden offices are well-insulated and frequently come with heating and cooling systems, making them pleasant to use all year.

While garden offices are sometimes referred to as “posh sheds,” they are far from being flimsy sheds; instead, they are built like homes, utilizing the same materials and construction processes. You have a lot of influence over the layout & finish of your garden office since you deal directly with the manufacturer when you buy it. In the Construction area of this website, our specialists will lead you through the numerous options you have regarding the different aspects of your structure.

Light & safety

Garden offices are an ideal target for robbers since they are generally built at a distance from the home and out of earshot. All-important factors include door & window locks, as well as a house-connected alarm system. Consider orientation in terms of where you will work in the office. Consider using north-facing light to prevent or lessen direct sunlight, or consider using roof overhangs or veranda constructions to reduce summer glare.

The garden office structures are mainly made of wood and come in prefabricated panels that may be assembled on site. Some are prefabricated and craned into place. They require a flat surface and are supported by a steel frame. They are built on concrete piles to avoid direct contact with the earth. Planting may be incorporated into roof constructions.

Author: Sarah Sadie