Voice Assistants: Are They Really Worth The Hype?

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants are all the rage nowadays from the very common commands like ‘Alexa play Adele’s latest album’ to any other commands starting with ‘Hey Google.’ Voice assistants have been the go-to smart home device that almost everyone is talking about. For a long time, having something do what you want with just a simple voice command would have been the ultimate luxury. With a voice assistant, you have just that! Whether it be playing music, getting a weather update, or even turning off the lights – it’s possible now!

However, voice assistants are not just devices that help you check the weather or turn off the lights – they are what connect you and your other smart devices together as well. Voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant have become widely used now that people have started spending more and more time indoors due to the recent pandemic.

Here is the review of one of the popular voice assistants out there for you to make your choice!

Google Nest Smart Speakers’ Review

The Google Nest Smart Speakers feature its smart voice assistant, the Google Assistant – which has the ability to connect and sync with almost every other smart device in your household, whether it is controlling your smart bulbs, smart locks, or even your smart smoke detectors. All you have to do is connect your devices to Google Nest from the mobile app and you’re done! If you need to turn off your lights or open the door for the guests, don’t even think about getting up, because your very own virtual assistant will do that, just for you.

These smart speakers feature small, compact designs available in several colors but each being a perfect fit to any place it is set in. If you were to see the Google Nest audio review anywhere, you would know what we’re talking about.

Google Nest also personalizes user experience with some of its Smart Speakers; depending on multiple people such that if you have more than one person living in the house, they can have their alarms, reminders, and searches personalized individually and specific to recognizing their voice. This feature is known as ‘Voice Match,’ and can be used for listing at least six different people.

What Else Is It about Voice Assistants

Research has shown that about fifty-three million individuals across the US own at least one voice assistant, and the number is projected to grow to at least 275 million units sold by the year 2023. This just goes to show that investing in a voice assistant, like that of the Google Nest Smart Speakers is a wise decision to make considering the trajectory that the whole world is moving towards.

Set Routines

The above-mentioned feature of being able to sync with other smart devices is referred as ‘Routines.’ With routines, you can customize and configure your smart devices to work according to your preference. For example, setting a schedule for your smart bulbs to follow, or integrating your smart door lock to your video doorbell so it’s easier for you to unlock your door whether you’re home or away.

Play Music

Almost all voice assistants come with a built-in speaker of course and can play music and podcasts from any of your subscribed streaming services. They double as smart speakers which come as a bonus and are portable as well. This is an advantage since you can lounge around and listen to podcasts or music. Google Nest speakers support streaming services such as Audible, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, and YouTube.

If you have an additional smart speaker or smart display available in your home, the Google Nest can create a multi-room audio system that enables them to play music at the same time on all of the speakers. This means you can have that Taylor Swift music party at your home all by yourself! The Google Nest also comes with the added functionality of transferring music between the smart speakers or displays as you move to different places in your house.

Play Movies and TV Series

Additionally, a voice assistant can work as a speaker, control playback of movie and TV show streaming services such as Google Play when being watched on a compatible TV streaming device, like Netflix or Hulu for instance.

Assist With Cooking

Are you fond of cooking through recipes and keep getting your phone dirty in the process? Well, no need to worry anymore because the Google Nest can also offer you a helping hand in the kitchen. With the Google Nest you can find multiple recipes online and have them read out loud, or simply play a cooking video on your smart display or home TV.

It also helps if you need the steps to be repeated or have the ingredients list. And while you’re cooking, the Google Nest can also set timers for you, so you know just when to stop and move on to the next step without frantically using trying to set a timer on your smartphone or checking the time.

Data Privacy

An added concern with consumers is whether there is any privacy protection when it comes to voice assistants. Since Google takes your privacy seriously, there is an option to delete all recordings both from the app, as well as by commanding the Google Assistant to clear them.

The question of are they really worth the hype depends on the kind of usage you would find for voice assistants. Head on over to FirstEnergy’s website www.firstenergyhome.com and browse through their list of voice assistants (smart speakers) for your homes.

Author: Sarah Sadie