The UK’s Best Car Warranty Providers

Car Warranty

As we reported in the Car Warranty UK expert, used car sales have surged as shoppers spend some of their growing savings accumulated during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Many of these used cars will come with some sort of parts warranty for a short period, but anyone who has spent good, hard-earned money on a decent car should consider buying their used car warranty.

The warranty covers the cost of parts and repairs in the event of a serious breakdown of the car. They vary greatly, and each will have a different age, mileage, and total payout limit, so it pays to take a close look at what’s on offer before signing up for anything.

The decision to buy a warranty is a reasonable consideration for a used car buyer and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of having coverage first.

For each owner, the situation will be different. Some may have easy access to parts for their vehicle. Others may be repairmen or know someone who can help. Some will buy a cheaper car that doesn’t even require costly repairs if something go wrong with it.

Different types of car warranty

The cost of the warranty will vary depending on the age and value of your vehicle, as well as the mileage already covered. The level of coverage will also make a difference – coverage that extends beyond the engine and major mechanical parts will boost the rewards, but there are plenty of extras you can add.

So if you bought yourself a used car or your car has an expired new car warranty, where should you look for insurance? All the leading car warranty providers have good websites where you can check out their offers. All you have to choose is which one is right for you.

The advantage of all these sites is that they are not aimed at serious car enthusiasts, but at people who just want to find the right policy for their needs. Each company has its strengths and USPs, but they all offer the time-saving opportunity to be a one-stop-shop for your next car warranty.

Dynamo Cover

Like many other policies of its kind, the Dynamo Cover warranty covers the cost of repairing or replacing manufacturer-installed components and parts that fail. You can usually increase your coverage by adding a “Wear” coverage, which deals with parts that have failed due to wear and tear from overuse.

There is no average coverage cost as company costs vary by age, make, and model of vehicle. There is no easy guide, the company says, adding that it’s important to buy more expensive products that will cover your car, rather than “buy cheaper products and find they don’t include coverage.”

Dynamo warranty products do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing consumables or damage caused by lack of maintenance by Car Warranty UK. They offer a wide range of policies as standard, and most of them cover engine and transmission issues, but you can also include coverage for air conditioning, in-car entertainment, and other features.


Unlike some warranties, MotorEasy covers wear and tear, as well as faults related to overheating, air conditioning, emissions failures, in-car entertainment, and even sat-nav malfunctions. Their policy does not cover accidental damage or consumables such as brake pads, wiper blades, and clutch discs unless they were defective due to new ones. There are three types of policy to choose from – A, B, or C – with A being the most comprehensive, and they offer a cheaper version called Lite that covers repairs after a breakdown on the road. The policies are tailored to you so each one has a different price and you can choose how long you want coverage for one, two, or three years. And you can cut costs even further by agreeing to pay some of the repair costs yourself.

Author: Sarah Sadie