The Role of Emails in This Digital Age


The Internet has been playing a key role in today’s business world. As technology is evolving, old methods are being replaced by new ones. This is happening with all the fields in the world, the latest addition is the use of emails by companies for communication. In today’s world, a huge population has internet access, so companies are taking advantage of this. They have been using emails over paper mails to improve their efficiency and to put less burden on the environment. However, there have been some other aspects of this situation also, as companies are now relying on domains for emails. There may be a chance that someone may use the official domain for their vested interest. This has been one of the major drawbacks of today’s digital world, that these electronic and digital systems are prone to cyber-attacks. For this problem, developers have come up with the solution, and that is the use of DMARC.

Making secure emails

It is a system that makes sure that no unknown or unauthorized person uses your domain. This is one of the best ways for securing emails from getting into the hands of scammers and misusers. Companies that are using the domain for sending emails must have this feature in service. Since 2012, this system is in use and has been proving a good way to secure emails. With the dmarc report analyzer, one will get the list of servers that get an email from the domain. It is recommended to have to go through these reports after some time regularly. More about this feature, one will get information about the servers or third parties that are using one’s domain for sending emails. The information about messages that fail or pass dmarc will get identified in this report. It is needed to strict the enforcement in the case when all messages pass through dmarc.

The use of dmarc has been getting necessary, as using an official email is the best way for scammers to malign the company’s reputation. As the world is advancing technologically, there has been added threat of cyber-attacks and other malicious activities. It is the dmarc that provides insight information about emails to a company. Without having this feature, it will be impossible to get to know who has got emails from them. It has been proving the best tool to keep an eye on the company’s emails. That is why more companies are getting used to this system.

Technical working of dmarc

When the companies have access to the dmarc analyzer, monitoring and analyzing SPF, dmarc results and DKIM will become easier. Some may think that publishing dmarc results in DNS is enough to get over this threat, but in reality, it is not. It is the 3 dmarc policies that have been in use, it will provide you a choice that how should email be responded to. With the ‘none’ policy, collection and monitoring of emails from the channel can be done. For enforcing emails, there are 2 dmarc policies.

Author: Sarah Sadie