Interesting Ways to Use Rubber Mallets

Rubber Mallets

The best tools are the ones you can use on different projects. Ask any handyman or DIYer and it likely took some time to get the tools in their arsenal, tackling different projects along the way.

One of the most diverse tools in your arsenal will be a rubber mallet from a quality vendor like RS. You’ll use it for things like woodworking and carpentry, bending metal, and so much more. As a matter of fact, here are a few surprising uses you might not have known about.

Unsticking Objects

If you own your own home, you know by now that home improvement never really ends. Sometimes your project is a bit more comprehensive and other times they are so simple that you can accomplish your goal in a matter of minutes.

One of the simplest uses of rubber mallets is using it to get stuck objects unstuck. For metal objects, where rust or corrosion has become a real problem, a rubber mallet can help you get out of a literal jam. A few whacks can get rusted bolts and screws out of metal surfaces without doing any damage to that surface.

Supporting Nail Sets

There are far more uses for rubber mallets than can be covered in this space. That said, one of the cool uses is supporting a nail set. The nail set is that small, thin tool you use to hammer in small nails. They can slip, however, and leave you staring at a nasty ding in your trim or other woodwork.

The great thing about rubber mallets from a quality vendor like RS is that it makes using nail sets a lot easier. Because the surface area of the mallet is a lot larger than the nail set, it helps to keep the set in place throughout the hammering process. Think of it as more accurate hammering.

Gentler Hammering

The one misconception about rubber mallets compared to metal hammers is that you are giving up a lot of force. While there is definitely a difference in force, it isn’t quite as large as you would think. Moreover, the problem with more force is that it will leave marks and dents on the surface you are hammering.

Rubber mallets can provide significant force without doing any of the aforementioned damage. If you have a more delicate project that requires a little finesse, then a rubber mallet is quickly going to become your tool of choice.

Driving Nails

For projects where dings and slight damage aren’t a big deal, a metal hammer is likely better because you can drive nails in quickly and easily. If you have to be a little more careful – working around walls or surfaces like plaster and drywall – then you need a rubber mallet.

Mallets deliver enough power to safely drive the nail in. Even better, if you miss, you aren’t going to leave damage on the surface you’re hammering into. It keeps you covered from adding more work to your list.

Door Stopper

Sometimes a tool serves a certain purpose that either seems super simple or uncommon. If you’re working on a home improvement project, there are going to be times when you need to move something heavy. If you have to take it through a door that closes on its own, you need to find a way to keep it open.

A rubber mallet is heavy enough that it can hold the door open without moving. You can keep your hands free and navigate your way through the door without worry. It’s a simple use but definitely an effective one.

Author: Sarah Sadie