How to Save IG Reels to Camera Roll?

Watch Reels online

Reels is a type of content on Instagram that contains short videos. Unlike Stories, they are available not only within 24 hours. Reels offer to use additional filters, music and create videos from 15 to 60 seconds.

IG Reels
IG Reels

Why do you need to save IG Reels?

Some people would like to download videos that they’ve seen in Reels. Reasons for it:

  • It’s possible to save videos with some life hacks to have quick access to them;
  • Sometimes users would like to share beautiful videos with their friends and relatives on other social media. Of course, it’s possible to copy links to them, but addressees will have to open the application;
  • Some Reels look amazing, and you may create live wallpaper for the telephone.

Of course, there are lots of other reasons for saving IG Reels to camera roll. Anyway, by downloading the most interesting videos, you can be sure that you won’t lose them.

Why do people want to watch IG Reels anonymously? 

Not everyone wants to log in to their accounts to watch IG Reels. Lots of people decide to do this anonymously because:

  • They spy some personalities and don’t want to get accused of it. Of course, owners of the accounts don’t see who watches their Reels. Nevertheless, a “spy” may accidentally tap the Like button;
  • Some people don’t have accounts on Instagram and can’t watch Reels completely. 

It takes a lot of time to create fake accounts, so using special sites and applications is the best decision.

Chargeless service for anonymous watching and saving IG Reels

Use the service Instagram Downloads to save Reels to your camera roll and to watch them incognito. It doesn’t require signup and is absolutely free.

IG Reels

To download or watch IG Reels, follow this instruction: 

  1. Enter a username or a link to the necessary account in the input box;
  1. Tap on the button Search;
necessary account
  1. In front of you there’ll appear all the content of the necessary account;
find Reels
  1. You’ll find Reels in the section Posts;
Watch Reels online
  1. Watch Reels online or save videos, tapping on the button Download.

The bottom line

Reels attract the attention of many users. If you’d like to watch these amazing videos incognito or download them, use the service Instagram Downloads. It has got a user-friendly interface and provides lots of functions.

Author: Sarah Sadie