Choice of Birthstone with Colors and Beneficial Attributes


For improvement of appearance, women purchase different colorful dresses. These dresses are not sole entities that can enhance their personal outlook but there are other factors like birthstone jewelry, make up and modern shoes are assisting to improve their personality aspects. The most emerging trend for fashion is use of birthstones in jewelry.

Why Birthstone Jewelry is Becoming Popular?

 There are multiple reasons for acclaim of birthstone jewelry. First, the gemstones are in the nature with dynamic colors that can be matched with the dresses. Second, various attributes are related to the birthstones so the people select them accordingly. Third, the flowers are associated with flowers.

By keeping in view the above mentioned reasons, we are going in depth one by one.

Selection of Birthstones Colors

Diamond is Aries Birthstone and Aries Birthstone Color is one of the selected colors of gemstones. This stone in white color with minimized inclusion is highly prized. It is aloof stone. But it is the selection for memorable events of life like engagement, wedding, birthday and anniversary.

Opal is Libra birthstone associate month of October. Libra Birthstone Color with rainbow color delivers a new look to the jewelry. It is also in one of the precious birthstones.

Ruby is one of the precious gemstones that are often selected for event jewelry. Ruby main color is red. 

Attributes of Selected Gemstones

Here in the sentences we are step by step focusing on the verified traits of three birthstones.

Characteristics of Diamond

  • Diamond is one of the hardest and precious birthstones that are wish of every individual to select it for his memorable event.
  • It exits in the nature in all colors but the most admired and choosy diamond is white but the rarest diamond is in black color.
  • Wearing diamonds reflects certain changes in your personality. As time will pass, you will see generosity, bravery and positive decision making ability in your personality.
  • Diamond protects one from brain diseases and has generic power to remove poison from wearer’s personality.

Traits of Opal

  • This gemstone owns approximately colors of all other birthstones for example it has flames of rubies and dynamic color spots of amethyst.
  • Ancient used to think it sign of hope. Further, it gathers innocence and wisdom in the owners.
  • It is sign of balance personality. It makes the owners a balance personality that is always eager to establish a good relation with their business partners and relatives.
  • Libran personalities have natural power to strive with heartiest struggle for justice. As Libra has sign of balance that displays justice.
  • This stone slowly reduces the negative thinking habit and reflects the characteristics of positive features in the Librans.
  • Libras display keen interest in improving communication skills that are always milestones for their professional life.
  • The women of this horoscope are well aware of the importance of neat and clean appearance, so they are always in struggle to achieve highest level of neatness in their lives.

Features of Ruby 

  • Ruby is July birthstone that is one of the precious and demanding gemstone in the world.
  • Color of the stone obscures its meaning that is red. Despite to deep red color it is in the world in pale pink color tones.
  • Deep red hues deliver meaning of pure love, deep romance and eternal passion.
  • Ruby in red color tones is symbol of fire that means power and strong determination.
  • In the current era July Birthstone is sign of wealth and dignity.
  • According to the beliefs of ancient Hindus, this is gemstone that awards safety to the wearers. So it wearers are always protected individuals.
  • By studying the ancient history, it is revealed that Ruby also have healing feature. In history it was used as a stone to heal the wounds.
  • Many of people still consider Ruby a stone having energizing properties.
  • Ruby is one of the selected and unique gifts for the 40th anniversary. It can also be presented as gift to your loved ones on memorable events, like birthdays, engagements and weddings.
  • We recommend using the Ruby in silver jewelry for it’s the best look.
  • It is the stone that improves the self esteem.

Author: Sarah Sadie