Can Alcohol be Bad for Your Health?


Nowadays, most of us already know that alcohol can have bad effects on our health. But, not many of us know what exactly the risk that it poses. Fret not, this Doctoroncall’s article will explain all you need to know about alcohol. First of all, what is alcohol? Alcohol is a drink that is made by the process of fermentation. Vaccination package.Usually, it was made from yeast or fruits such as grapes. Some of us drink a small amount because it can affect our brain’s function when taken in large amounts. However, some of us basically do not care about that and have a tendency to drink a vast amount, resulting in drunkenness. This is what makes the body in bad condition because there are a lot of harmful substances inside an alcohol drink. So, what effect can alcohol give to our body if we drink it excessively? Below are some of the most common health effects that can happen due to excessive alcohol intake:

1. Liver damage

Your liver’s job is to remove toxin materials from your body. However, its job will become overwhelming if the amount of toxins that enter the body is very high. This is the reason why drinking alcohol in such a vast amount will have bad effects on your liver. In the long run, your liver will be easily damaged and you might end up getting liver diseases. If you are suffering from liver disease, then your liver will stop functioning, and it will not be able to remove the toxins as efficiently as before when that happens. As a result, it will cause further damage and it might lead to cirrhosis.

2. Brain damage

Everyone knows that binge drinking can make someone drunk. This is particularly true because alcohol can affect the brain. Our brain is very sensitive especially to the toxins inside alcohol. Study suggests that people that like to drink alcohol in high amounts will likely get brain damage, resulting in diseases such as dementia and amnesia.

3. Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health diseases in this world. It can affect anyone at any time. It is found that one of the major causes and causal factors for depression is alcohol. Alcohol and depression are closely related to each other but the relation is very complex to understand.

4. Obesity

Obesity is becoming one of the major concerns worldwide, especially in developed countries. This is because obesity can lead to other weight-related diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and also high blood pressure. One of the culprits of obesity is alcohol. This is due to the fact that alcohol contains a very high amount of calories, resulting in increased body mass if taken in high amounts.

5. Heart disease

This is one of the most common diseases in this world. It can happen due to lots of reasons and causes, one of them being the alcohol. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will usually damage the heart, hence leading to heart diseases such as heart attack and coronary heart disease.

6. Cancer

Cancer is the most feared disease all around the world. This is true because it has the ability to cause death in the long run. Taking an excessive amount of alcohol can be one of the factors for cancer. However, it is still unsure what type of cancer we can get due to alcohol. One study mentioned that it might be airway-related cancer such as mouth cancer, esophageal cancer and also other types of cancer around the neck. Know our Hajj Vaccination package.

Author: Sarah Sadie