All About the Russo-Ukrainian War and its Updated Status

Russo-Ukrainian War

The Russo-Ukrainian war is an ongoing matter since February 2014. The whole situation began by following the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity and it then focused on Crimea and also parts of Donbas. The war today expanded mainly because Russia launched a full invasion of Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022. All of this was noticed by NATO which claimed to say that Russia is going to take over Ukraine. This news was heard by Russia and they claimed to say that they had no intentions to do so.

However, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin put the blame on the enlargement of NATO as a threat to Russia and then demanded Ukraine to be wedged from joining the military alliance. After this, he also claimed to say that Ukraine was wrongfully created by Soviet Russia back in 1991. After this allegation, Russia sent troops to Donbas, a city in Ukraine after which Russia invaded Ukraine 3 days later.

The help Ukraine is receiving and its history

Hence, there are numerous people now who are speaking up and claiming that Russia broke international law and is also violating Ukrainian Sovereignty. Since then, the war has broken the peace. The invasion included numerous attacks across the Belarus-Ukraine border. Russia did not just stop there but horrific targeted airstrikes were also sent on different military buildings in Ukraine. After this appalling incident, Ukraine then launched martial law throughout Ukraine. Hence, air raid sirens were heard all day.

There are numerous countries that are helping out Ukraine. In December 2021 US gave Ukraine $200 million for security aid when over 100,000 Russian troops were massed around Ukraine on all 3 sides in June 2021. The fight escalated on February 10 2022 when it reached the separatist regions of Eastern Ukraine. After which on February 17, 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russian recognizes the independence of the two-Russian breakaway regions which was in Eastern Ukraine.

Current situation in Ukraine 

This is where the whole conflict comes more in the range is on February 21, 222 Putin announced that he made a decision to launch the special military operation in the Eastern part of Ukraine. At the current stage, it is said that there are ‘low expectations’ for talks as the fight keeps escalating. Ukraine’s foreign ministry said that they are seeking an immediate ‘cessation of hostilities and the war against Ukraine by Russia.’ Russia is now demanding that Ukraine abandons its plans to join the NATO military alliance and becomes a neutral state.

Russia is also pressing for Kyiv to recognize the two-self rebel in the east of Ukraine. There have been numerous and non-stop bombing in Ukraine by the Russians. The whole country has to reach electricity, water, food and there are thousands of people dying every day. For now, Ukraine and Russia’s foreign ministers are holding peace talks in Turkey to try and solve the matter. However, numerous countries say that the war has already started and it will end in a destructive way.

Author: Sarah Sadie