3 Best Pest Control Technology Innovations

3 Best Pest Control Technology Innovations

Pest control is the practise of monitoring, detecting, and removing pests from any location. Many professional services, as well as many ordinary people, have been involved in the process for decades. There are several do-it-yourself ways for controlling pests in the house, but industrial or commercial properties require a professional Pest Control Company in London. Despite the fact that there are numerous technologies in our digital age, it is impossible to remove the existence of these unwelcome visitors. Because they have been living in residential environments for millions of years. Though we cannot entirely remove their existence, we may manage them for a few days with the right Pest Company London solution. This essay will go through the top three pest control technology developments (PCT).

3 Best Pest Control Technology Innovations

Here are the top three most recent pest control technologies. These are some of the top pest control technology inventions, and the innovations are,

  1. Rodents’ Electronic and Intelligent Bait Stations
  2. Thermographic Imaging Technology
  3. Technology for Drone Pest Control

Rodents’ Electronic and Intelligent Bait Stations

Many bait stations for rats and other pests might have been spotted. Traditional bait stations were mechanical and used poison to kill domestic pests. Poisoned chemicals can hurt birds or pets who eat them, and if a rat is caught by any animals or birds, the poison will kill that animal as well.

To solve these challenges and provide an environmentally acceptable control solution, scientists developed an Electronic Rodent Bait. It is an electrical gadget that can carry electricity through the bait; it is made out of a metal conductor that is partially attached to one end of the battery. When rats enter the trap, it works with the weight of the pest and applies the necessary voltage to kill the target.

Thermographic Imaging Technology

(TIT) Thermal Imaging Technology has long been used to detect fractures in any manufacturing organisation. Pest control providers can use it to identify pest infestations and pests present in your home. It is useful in locating gaps and cracks as well as bugs in your home; once identified, you may eradicate them with a thorough control solution.

Technology for Drone Pest Control

A drone is one of the greatest equipment in today’s globe for photographing any location. The drone can access any location that a person cannot climb or enter. Pest control professionals utilise this drone with a high-quality camera or a thermal imaging device to locate infected areas and the sorts of pests present in your area. The drone may also be used to monitor the activities of pests in your area, making it easier for specialists to exterminate them.


The three top pest control technology developments are presented above (PCT). These sorts of technology will be used by current pest control professionals to make their job easier. These gadgets help shorten the time required for pest monitoring and identification. The advancement of technology may be beneficial in any profession if used correctly.

Author: Sarah Sadie