Creative Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic

Thanksgiving greeting cards

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things, one of which is the way family gatherings take place. In a time when social distancing is important to help curb the spread of illness, holidays like Thanksgiving may have to look very different from your decades-old traditions. The challenges of the pandemic can be overcome through a spirit of togetherness and thankfulness, and ideas like sending out Thanksgiving greeting cards or changing dinner to be an alfresco event may be just what you need to keep the holiday atmosphere alive. Check out these ideas for more inspiration.

Dinner Is Served…Outside

Football and turkey are Thanksgiving staples, both who said these have to take place inside? Being outdoors allows people more room for social distancing, and for those who live in good climate regions, take the party outside. Set up a projector to stream the football games or the parade, and change your formal table dinner to a picnic-style buffet. You can limit indoor use to those who are on dish duty or restroom purposes. Put up canopies, have patio heaters or several fire pits if the weather requires a few extra comfort measures.

Put Your Meal on Wheels

To protect your more vulnerable family members, take your dinner to them. Rather than having everyone gather in one spot, exchange family names and do a Thanksgiving drive-by. Each family exchanges a Thanksgiving treat and leaves festive decor and messages on the porch to express love and appreciation. This is a sweet way to surprise your family members or friends without having to get close and it can brighten someone’s day in isolation.

Let Your Thankfulness Speak for Itself

Rather than passing by the tradition of sharing your blessings or gratitude before digging into Grandma’s turkey, let your gratitude speak for itself by sending out Thanksgiving greeting cards. Even from a distance, you can still share the many reasons you are giving thanks to friends and family. Fill your personalized cards with messages of appreciation for the recipients, giving them a reason to smile and embrace a spirit of gratefulness.

Talk Turkey With Technology

This year, close the social distancing gap with technology. Use a video call app on a smartphone or table to keep everyone connected in real-time while you enjoy your holiday traditions. Zoom meetings have become a popular way to stay in touch with multiple parties, and the basic plan is free to use. Google Duo, Facetime for Apple products and Facebook Video Chat are other options.

Get Your Hands on the Secret Recipe

If you’ve always wondered how Grandma made the sweet potato pie or how Uncle Rob fried the turkey, use the pandemic to get your hands on the secret recipe. Have a recipe swap among the family members. Let individuals share their recipes for the dishes they are known for and give everyone a chance to try and recreate a traditional family Thanksgiving.

Get Started With Cards for Causes

While you make plans for your non-traditional Thanksgiving, get the spirit of gratitude flowing right now. Order your Thanksgiving greeting cards from Cards for Causes and share your appreciation or blessings with others. Don’t let COVID-19 dampen your thankful heart.

Author: Sarah Sadie