Best Gaming Laptop Under 600


This guide will outline everything you need to know when you’re searching for the top gaming laptop for under 600 dollars. We’ve listed five of the top gaming laptops within this price range. They provide a variety of features for the average consumer. Each review will go through the fundamental specifications of GPU CPU, memory quality of the display as well as other aspects. to help you select the best one within this price range. If your budget is able to be stretched to whatever it has to be to acquire the best gaming device for mobile and you’re looking for a laptop that’s more affordable, check out our top gaming laptops page.

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Is The Best Gaming Laptop Under 600 USD Worth Buying?

Gaming laptops are a great option for those who do not want to carry an entire desktop computer around, but their size implies that sacrifices have to be made in terms of performance. The most powerful gaming laptops that cost less than 600 dollars are capable of being able to comfortably play lower-demanding or older games at medium-to-high settings. However, the latest demanding games require higher-end machines.

We recommend you take a quick look at the things To Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop under $600 on this site. It will give you an overview of the things you need to consider about when looking for gaming laptops within that price category.


Acer Nitro AN515 Gaming Laptop

This model from Acer Nitro is equipped with an exclusive NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card as well as an Intel i5-10300H processor. While it’s currently outside the price range for this article, if you would rather buy an old laptop, or waiting until it is available (we had them sold for as low as 600 dollars) This model is recommended for gamers with a tight budget.

The Acer Nitro offers performance well over what you’d typically expect from a brand new laptop for this price. Its GTX 1650 GPU and Intel i5-10300H processor are an impressive combination for budget-friendly builds and in fact, the portable version of the Nvidia GPU provides performance that is higher than the performance you’d expect from integrated graphics. 8GB of RAM as well as 256GB of SSD could use updating and/or enhancing however, you’ll not see a higher GPU and CPU than the GTX 1650 on any other computer at this price. The brightness and color reproduction of the 60Hz display aren’t great however, they’re the best you can get at this price.


Acer Aspire 5 A515-43-R6DE Slim Laptop

In this configuration , the Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop offers the highest all-round specifications you could ever expect from a gaming laptop at this cost. It’s got a decent longevity battery, it is light and has decent color reproduction and excellent SSD storage, and the AMD Ryzen 3700U processor.

The AMD powered Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop is an excellent choice for those wanting the ability to multi-task to perform low-level workstation tasks. The built-in AMD RX Vega 10 graphics are among the top available without an external graphics card. However, they’ll still struggle with the latest games, even on the lowest settings, which is normal on this price. With 512GB of storage, the SSD however is an extremely powerful feature for this price. The battery life is impressive and you can anticipate about 5 to 6 hours of battery power for intense general use (i.e. out of games).


Best Budget Pick

ASUS F512DA EB51 VivoBook

This ASUS F512DA-EB51 VivoBook 15 is great budget slimline laptop. It’s the lightest laptop of the list and features a sleek style.

Its ASUS F512DA VivoBook 15 is the cheapest laptop in this list, with the current price. While you won’t be able to play even moderately demanding games on any setting other than the lowest thanks to the AMD Quad Core R5-3500U processor along with AMD RX Vega 8 onboard graphics, it’s much more powerful than the other two laptops on this list. It is light and slim and is a decent value for a new laptop at this price. The battery’s lifespan is limited up to a couple of hours, and it doesn’t have an SD cards reader however in addition, it comes with everything you’d expect from.


HP Pavilion Laptop AMD Ryzen 5 3500U

The HP Pavilion 15.6″ laptop features AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processors and onboard Vega 8 graphics. Although it’s not as powerful of the other laptops listed on this list It does have an SD Card reader. It it runs very cool even under pressure and is also the quietest laptop that we have.

At the moment, at the moment, this HP Pavilion laptop is outcompeted by the other laptops listed on this page We wouldn’t recommend it unless its price decreases significantly. However, it has some advantages. For an gaming laptop, its fans are quiet even when under pressure, they are quiet. Furthermore, the laptop remains cool and comfortable even under extreme stress but it does suffer due to a low battery. A SD cards reader makes an interesting and exciting option to the existing range of ports. In the end, you’ll struggle to play even the most demanding games with its Radeon Vega 8 onboard graphics.


Acer Aspire 5 A515-54-51DJ Slim Laptop

The Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop has a decent display for this price with decent color reproduction. It’s a slim and light machine that has sleek design and aesthetics, however its gaming capabilities leave some to be desired.

Its Acer Aspire 5 Thin Laptop A515-54-51DJ is equipped with an 8GB SSD and 256GB of SSD. of RAM, and your usual assortment of ports and sockets (though it doesn’t have any SD card readers). It’s quite light and slim and the 60Hz display is decent in terms of colour reproduction at this price (though definitely not something we’d recommend for any workingstations with a color-related function). The Intel Core i5-8265 as well as the onboard Intel UHD Graphics 620 are very weak and best suited for low-demand games.

Things to Consider When Buying A Gaming Laptop For $600 Or Less

Here’s what you should consider when looking on a gaming laptop for less than 600 dollars. For a comprehensive list of factors to consider when looking to buy a laptop for gaming within all budgets, have an overview of the ‘Things to Take into Account’ section of Our Best Gaming Laptops guide.

Realistic Expectations of Gaming Performance

Laptops are portable and have many advantages together with the engineering challenges of fitting powerful components inside the laptop’s chassis and cooling them, mean that you generally pay 50% more for laptops compared to desktop PC for the same frame rate (FPS) when playing games.

But when you are paying an amount as low as 600 dollars for gaming laptops you aren’t likely to experience an adequate performance even on mildly challenging games. A majority of laptops at this price have onboard graphics (i.e. components of CPU) instead of an integrated graphics card which significantly reduces the amount of FPS that you can achieve when rendering graphically complicated games.

It is possible to play older games at medium-high settings, however for anything brand new that has lower requirements (strategy games such as Crusader Kings II for example) it will be necessary to pay more. Have a look at our top gaming laptops under $1,000) or, alternatively, look into a desktop computer you can construct yourself for just $700 or buy a prebuilt laptop, which costs less than $800.

Take a look at a used laptop

Most of the time, we don’t suggest used products on WePC and not because they’re not an option however, it’s because that you’ll be able to get any product we recommend for less in the event that it’s been refurbished. Whether you decide to use it or not is entirely up to you!

Since this is a guide to gaming laptops, it’s the truth that for laptops priced under $600, the amount of power you have to play more than the simplest game, and more demanding ones on the lowest settings, is greatly diminished. It is therefore worth looking into the possibility of purchasing an upgrade model of the laptops that we have suggested in our other guides to our list of the Best Gaming Laptops under $700 and $800. We have also included our “best gaming laptops that are refurbished’ below, to give you an idea of what more budget can buy should you decide to make the leap into the realm of refurb.

Maximum Refresh Rate

Under $700, it’s becoming more difficult to find brand new laptops that run gaming at 120Hz. Under $600, they’re basically absent. The most frequent refresh rate that you can find below $700 is 60Hz which isn’t suitable for fast-paced, competitive shooters and the max 60FPS speed puts you in a tense position. This makes laptops of this price to use only when you’re interested in single-player shooters, RPGs and strategy games, adventure games, and similar. If you’re interested in greater than that, you’ll need to spend more or look into buying a new laptop that is equipped with more performance.


A resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is almost certain to be the top limit for gaming laptops priced under $600 by 2021. If you want to upgrade to 1440p or higher it will be necessary to shell out a lot more in money. However, 1080p is the standard resolution for the majority of gamers who play online shooters with a high-speed of speed and games, so it shouldn’t be a huge issue depending on what you intend to use it for. Additionally in the event that your laptop sports smaller than 15 inches screen, then some more high-resolutions have debated value.


The 256GB capacity is the most common SSD that you can buy in an upgraded gaming laptop in the event that your budget is set at 600 dollars. In our opinion, 256GB is an insufficient size to be suitable for the majority of gamers. A lot of modern games use more than 50GB of space on the disk and the operating system as well as other essential files will require a lot of space. If you can, we recommend upgrading to upgrade your SSD to a bigger one or to swap it out for another SSD as well as an HDD to complement it.

This is also true for RAM. It’s unlikely to find memory larger than 8GB in this price range and we’d recommend upgrading to at least 16GB when you can.

Color replication

The color reproduction above an arbitrary point isn’t worth it for those who are just looking to play games, because beyond the degree of quality, most players will not notice any distinction. It is possible to get an acceptable color range to play games for less than 600 dollars. If you’re looking to do small design tasks the possibility of 100% sRGB reproduction is not likely, nor is the expectation of accuracy in color. In the end when you’re trying to purchase a device that is able to be used for workstations that require color tasks, you’ll have to pay more for it.

Author: Sarah Sadie